The sacredness of the Winter Holidays is deeply embedded in our collective consciousness. We feel the interior pull this time of year, even if our beliefs, rituals, or traditions have evolved. We sense and seek a ‘something more’ behind it all. Because there is! At the heart of Winter Holidays across time, cultures, and stories is the revelation of light, whether that light is physical (as in the sun’s rebirth at Winter Solstice), or spiritual illumination.

What light does your heart seek? What star leads your way? When all the holiday gifts are unwrapped, what remains? The unique gift that is YOU! May you be willing to lovingly unwrap yourself, revealing the gifts that are yours, and yours alone, to share. You will then shine the light you are, illuminating the blessed world around you. And the world will shine right back at you!

Knowing that YOU are the Light of the World, Kathryn

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