I just celebrated my June 13th Earth birthday suit day. On this 2020 Summer Solstice, the past year’s adventures and in-ventures have landed me here. Us here. On a launchpad of many desires, of Cosmic proportions! On May 30, 2020 NASA Astronauts Launched from America in the Historic Test Flight of SpaceX Crew Dragon. Just a few days prior, the initial launch was scrubbed due to weather. I thought about that a great deal and realized…of course! Like so many other ‘plans’ B.C.-19 (my acronym for Before Coronavirus;), including my own, the space flight also was paused. With a weather-dependent future.

This is where the spiritual practices of acceptance and trust enter. Acceptance of what IS (whether we like it or not). And TRUST that all that is occurring, is for the highest and best and good of all. Even if we cannot see it now. Even when it means surrendering our plans and visions of how we thought things would be. When we are able to practice this radical acceptance, we open ourselves to more possibilities than we could possibly imagine. Rather than resist, we allow infinite possibilities to emerge for ourselves and others.

I decided to rename my business and website from “Trifid Healing” to “Richer Within” to better reflect the intent of my work as a Spiritual Practitioner…which is to assist people in the unfoldment and strengthening of their inner landscape. It is from this place we are able to respond to life’s situations, rather than react. Our contentment is no longer dependent on the weather…in other words, our happiness is not dependent on ever-changing external circumstances. We are truly richer within, than without.

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