A lifetime of steeping and education in religious and spiritual traditions, practices, and communities places me in grounded openness. An informal background, yet innate ability for counseling, coupled with 2+ decades of collaborative work in the public sector has created in me a balanced, compassionate, and organized approach. I apply this to working with individuals and groups desiring spiritual guidance and support in many formats.

Individual Spiritual Guidance Sessions

My own spiritual meanderings have led me to a profound respect for the intricacies of personal spiritual growth and evolution. This evolution is my passion. I offer sessions with a soft, listening heart to those who wish to explore their struggles, explorations, life direction, and triumphs of their lives from a spiritual standpoint.

Photo by Steve Richer

Sacred ceremony officiation

For life’s milestones, changes, transitions, and commitments, I offer wedding officiation, baptisms/dedication ceremonies, memorials/funerals, house blessings, and any specialized ceremony you may desire.

Customized retreat/workshop presentations

Topics range from: Developing a Personal Spiritual Life, Sexuality as Sacred, and The 4 Ways of Embodyment©, to Haiku as Spiritual Practice, and the origins of traditional holidays. I love the opportunity to research, write, and present requested topics, bowing to the spirit of creativity that resides deep within the heart.

“Kathryn wove together wisdom on embracing our uniqueness, body intelligence and movement, self-love, and mindfulness in a way that helped me understand the power of their interconnection. It’s a perspective I hadn’t heard before that encouraged me to live an embodied life.”

Photo by Kathryn Richer