Kathryn Richer, Creative Artist

Music is a lifelong love of mine. I first sat at the piano bench when I was seven years young; my father taught me classical music. I played flute in band, accompanied choirs and soloists on the piano, and chose jazz band keyboards over the dreaded marching band hat. In my junior year I was encouraged to enter the Miss Helena Pageant, where I won the best performance award for my classical piano piece (which made up for nearly falling over at the front of the stage in my swimsuit and newly acquired high heels). I led campfire songs on a guitar, and noodled around on the harmonica in the summertime. I performed on keyboards for a country rock band. I took two years of undergraduate studies in Bozeman and Missoula, Montana, majoring in piano performance. I played the noon carillons and often wondered if anyone noticed Supertramp, Chicago, and Kansas ringing across the campus.

In 1983 I left my piano studies to explore life in the Big Apple, staying with a high school friend who managed Electric Lady Recording Studio in Greenwich Village. My dream was to be one of the first famous rock and roll keyboardists; I went home to Montana with a pair of white leather moccasins from a Darryl Hall & John Oates roadie. After moving solo to Portland in 1985 in a U-Haul truck with car in tow, I joined Napolean’s Mistress (History article, Two Louies Magazine), cut an album, and opened for “A Flock of Seagulls” with them. In 1995 Phil and Gayle Neuman invited me to perform professionally with the Oregon Renaissance Band. I have been with them since, playing the peasant’s bagpipe, krummhorn, recorder, percussion, and spinettino. In 1998 our Italian Renaissance music repertoire brought us to Regensburg, Germany to perform at the annual International Early Music Festival. We continue playing a variety of venues across the state.

As an artist, I know the power that creative arts have to heal, unite, and open hearts…starting with our own. We have a unique way of expanding people’s consciousness through our messages and feeling-tones. I also understand the challenges of creating and performing. How, when I am not in that place of alignment, I struggle. I become snagnated; I lose motivation and lack inspiration.

When I realign with my essence, when I turn to that richer place within, I once again am the clear instrument through which inspiration flows with ease. This is the guidance I offer you…realignment to YOU.

“I have performed in the Oregon Renaissance Band with talented multi-instrumentalist Kathryn Richer for over two decades, and appreciate very much her excellent musicianship and artistic versatility. She always conducts herself with professionalism; treating her colleagues and audiences with a refreshing friendliness and respect.