Performing Artists

Stellar: Having the quality of a Star Performer

Being a performing artist myself, I recognize how my state of mind affects my artistic expression, performance, and creativity. I specialize in working with creative artists who also recognize this, and desire to heighten their awareness to maximize their potential. I understand and commit to the sanctity of confidentiality, as I do with all I have the honor of supporting.

Spiritual guidance can help you:

  • Unlock writer’s block
  • Decrease performance anxiety
  • Expand creativity
  • Increase confidence
  • Empower performances
  • Learn and apply practical tools particular to you
  • Convey a higher consciousness through your artistry.

“I’d been singing mainly harmony in choirs and bands for many years. I realized I passionately wanted to go solo, but was terrified. My hands went cold. I forgot words, shook, and felt immersed in fear. During a retreat, I asked Kathryn to provide me a spiritual guidance session. By gently probing, we found the bottom of my fear. She then suggested a wonderful technique and treatment that worked magically. I used the technique that night; when I sang on stage I felt confident and truly enjoyed sharing my song with the audience! It not only worked that time, but every time since. Now I regularly hop on stage and, rather than being immersed in fear, I absolutely treasure singing. It only took one session!”