Welcome to a New Year! Alongside the excitement for a fresh start, I feel grateful as I review the past year reflected in my journals, dreams, and calendars. When I recall my intentions, goals, and desires, I see that what I was most clear about, and offered my most heartfelt devoted energy towards, became a reality.

This is simply how the Universe works. Your thoughts become things. You reap what you sow…in other words, the seeds you place in your mind become your experience. You co-create your life with Life Itself…at the level of conscious clarity and feeling behind your desires.

Think of the Universe as Santa. His toy bag is infinitely big, constantly refilling with an endless source to fulfill all of the Santa lists. He goes to each and every home, finding a way in to deliver gifts no matter how narrow the chimney…or even to homes with no chimney!

Now think of “Santa” as “The Universe” or “Life” or “God” or “Goddess”…whatever you choose to call It. Do you believe in unlimited supply? How much faith do you have that your precious list will be granted? Is your list short because you believe you don’t deserve much; that you shouldn’t ask for too much? Or do you believe you deserve Good in infinite amounts and ways?

As children, some of us had a “list” of things we wanted from Santa for Christmas. Our lists were very particular, and usually for material things. As a mature adult you can create lists too. Whether you are aware of it or not, you are constantly creating them with your thoughts. When you are intentional about making a list it is important that first and foremost, your list is GENERAL. For example: abundance, harmony, wholeness, joy, etc. At the same time you can be specific; say a pay raise for example…as long as you are not attached to the outcome. The general WHAT (abundance) is not the HOW. You may think it is best that abundance shows up as a pay raise, but then you make a huge profit made on the sale of your house…because you are not attached to the HOW. The HOW is up to the Universe in its supreme intelligence to take care of. Remember, Santa’s bag is infinitely limitless.

In sum: You CAN attach to the big picture, AND be specific, yet unattached, to HOW it shows up. Resist from giving the details any importance, through attachment, greater than what you are truly after. The details will take care of themselves.

Wishing and hoping have little substance.The Universe is waiting for you to make your list, and declare what is already yours for the taking…your true heart’s desires. Santa will provide, as long as you support your list with mindfulness, clarity, devotion, and non-attachment to the HOW. 2017 is yours for the taking, and the making!

P.S. There is no ‘naughty or nice’ checklist. Any lumps of coal you experience mean you are blocking yourself from your Good with your thoughts and beliefs. I am here to help you transform your coal into the realization of your heart’s desires!

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