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2020 Hindsight as 2021 Foresight

Since 2004 I have worked at the Multnomah County Health Department as a coordinator/planner/convener/ responder for healthcare system emergency preparedness. Our partners represent hospitals, public health, emergency management, EMS, clinics, and communications. Our coverage stretches from the metropolitan area to the coast, and includes ~1/2 of Oregon’s population and hospital beds, the only two Children’s […]

Halloween’s Cosmic Origins

Astronomers are realizing that 20-30,000 years ago a massive comet entered our solar system. When it began disintegrating, it created the Taurid meteor showers. Our earth passed through these annually (and still does) roughly between the end of October and beginning of November. To our ancient ancestors they appeared to (and still do) emanate from […]

Summer Solstice Richer Within Rebranding Launch!

I just celebrated my June 13th Earth birthday suit day. On this 2020 Summer Solstice, the past year’s adventures and in-ventures have landed me here. Us here. On a launchpad of many desires, of Cosmic proportions! On May 30, 2020 NASA Astronauts Launched from America in the Historic Test Flight of SpaceX Crew Dragon. Just […]

Happy New Year! Beyond Wishes and Hopes for 2017

Welcome to a New Year! Alongside the excitement for a fresh start, I feel grateful as I review the past year reflected in my journals, dreams, and calendars. When I recall my intentions, goals, and desires, I see that what I was most clear about, and offered my most heartfelt devoted energy towards, became a […]

Winter Holidays: Unwrap Yourself!

The sacredness of the Winter Holidays is deeply embedded in our collective consciousness. We feel the interior pull this time of year, even if our beliefs, rituals, or traditions have evolved. We sense and seek a ‘something more’ behind it all. Because there is! At the heart of Winter Holidays across time, cultures, and stories is the […]

2016 Presidential Election Thoughts

I look to the night stars for solace; they whisper in response that we are all made of the same basic elements of those luminous, ancient orbs. They remind me that the universe is vast, and infinite. We live on a spiraling arm on one of billions of galaxies…our Milky Way home itself is 100,000 […]

Trifid Healing is Launched!

Welcome! I intentionally launched Trifid Healing the same day I met Neil DeGrasse Tyson after his stocking-footed presentation in Portland, Oregon on September 20, 2016. Why? Because he is a shining example of the positive impact we can have on others when we truly live our deepest desires with passion. I respect and admire Neil as […]