My Credentials

  • M.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies in Spiritual Traditions and Ethics, Marylhurst University
  • Licensed Minister, Universal Life Church
  • 1998-2003: Co-leader of Women’s Spiritual and Creative Retreat in Greece, guiding workshops on yoga, ancient Greek music, dance, and ritual
  • Spiritual director, educator, and consultant, Interfaith Spiritual Center, Portland, Oregon
  • Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, Centers for Spiritual Living *
  • Professional Musician

My licensure is through Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL).

Along with my personal value of honoring utmost confidentiality of those I have the honor to work with, as a Licensed Practitioner I operate under the Centers for Spiritual Living’s (CSL) policies. To me, one of the most important is client confidentiality. From the CSL Policies & Procedures Manual, Section 7 – Code of Ethics and Ethical Standards:

  • G.19: “We recognize that the relationship between a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner and client is one of confidence and trust and is held inviolate. The private affairs of a client are never divulged, nor is a case discussed in a way that would identify the client.”
  • G20: “We do not disclose client confidences, including names or identities of clients, to anyone, except as required or permitted by law; or if there is a waiver previously obtained in writing, and then such information may only be revealed in accordance with the terms of the waiver; or where we are a defendant in a civil, criminal or disciplinary action arising from the Practitioner relationship (in which client confidences may only be discussed in the course of that action).”
  • G24: “If any client records exist, we store such records in a secure location and maintain confidentiality.” (I do not make or keep written notes from any sessions/support I provide.)

CSL has established high ethical standards, and regulates and enforces them through its Department of Ethics & Professionalism. I happily hold these standards in highest esteem.