I look to the night stars for solace; they whisper in response that we are all made of the same basic elements of those luminous, ancient orbs. They remind me that the universe is vast, and infinite. We live on a spiraling arm on one of billions of galaxies…our Milky Way home itself is 100,000 light years across.

On January 1st of the Cosmic Calendar, beginning with the Big Bang ~14 billion years ago, the present falls on midnight of December 31st. Humans only evolved in the last hour of New Year’s Eve.

Our sun will continue to shine on this precious earth for about another 5 billion years. Unless we bring ourselves to the Sixth Mass Extinction, there is plenty of time to evolve to a higher level of consciousness.

It doesn’t mean this is not hard, or that it doesn’t matter. It DOES mean there is a bigger picture than we can imagine. All is not lost. This is the time to draw from our deepest inner well of spiritual strength…to recommit constantly to seeking and expecting the highest and best Good for all. And holding Love in its exalted place; right here, right now!




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